Our Vision

We empower at-risk girls to transform their lives through  S.T.E.A.M education. We give them the tools to shine bright like the "Diamonds" they are.

life skills

We are focused on providing our girls with tools for effective living.


We empower our girls through Arts and S.T.E.M. education and ensure they have all the tools to be successful.

career development

We provide the skills 

necessary for our girls to enter the workforce and be a step ahead.


Skin Champion

Stunt Workshop

Diamond In The Raw is proud to partner with Gold Bond to celebrate and support those who put their skin to the test to break down barriers and make the world a better place.  With Gold Bond’s support, we’ve created a program called the “Skin Champion Stunt Workshop,” which will launch in Summer 2021 and provide guidance for young Black women aspiring to enter the stunt industry.

We Believe

Every Girl is a Diamond

Many successful adults attribute the genesis of their success to a trusted person’s belief in them – even when they didn’t believe in themselves. We desire to be the spark that ignites their belief. We will continue to fan the flames of their belief until the skills and abilities they develop change the world.

Portrait of a Confident Woman
Cute Young Girl

Our Impact

Every Girl is a Diamond

Our Life Skills, Education, and Career Development programs make a difference in the lives of our girls. We cannot change their past but we can change their future. 

Woman with White Jacket

Why Donate?

Every Girl is a Diamond

You can also make a difference in the lives of the future leaders of our world. Do your part by taking action NOW to help change the life of these deserving girls. Make a mark that can never be erased. 

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Special Recognition to Our Sponsors

Allow at-risk girls to shine like the diamonds they are!