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Notable Past Events
The Power in The Voice: A Podcast Bootcamp

Digital Media Story telling combines the most powerful connection device “A Story” with all of the enhancement technology can offer to engage the senses for maximum impact.   We believe the development of this skill is critical for the improvement of our future world.

Concepts in a Box Leadership & Film Bootcamp

As we evolve and understand the individual differences in our learning patterns, one thing has become clear: The more senses we can involve in the learning process – the greater the chances what we learn can become a permanent part of our lives. 

You're Beautiful Inside and Out Bootcamp

Young girls should know that beauty begins on the inside and is reflected on the outside.  This was a workshop for girls age 12-18 years old.  Special thanks to Mixed Girls hair products. 

DiamondsN2Coding Bootcamp

Successful coding uses two of our most valuable resources: human ingenuity and limitless computing power to give us a fighting chance to solve many problems we face. 

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