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Amy Jelk-Jones


I so proud to be the winner of the 2013 Thrill of Victory $1,000 scholarship winner, now I can get my mac computer and be creative.

Hamayli Owens


liked the Diamond in The RAW summer program because it makes you think about life. I am the youngest diamond and when I came to the DITR...

Jhanarie Rhambo


Attending Diamond in the RAW film school was by far the most rewarding program I have participated in.

Asha Thomas


This program allowed me to be temporarily free my mind as needed. I always had my fellow diamonds to lean back on.

India Welch


Diamond in the RAW truly was inspiring, emotional and motivating experience. They encourage us to really explore and familiarize ourselves with career...

Shammah Tatum


Being a part of this program gave me an avenue to apply some of the life skills I was taught growing up...

Av Relle


I just want to thank everyone for believing in me when I couldn’t even believe in myself, encouraging me to think outside the box...

Jada Shampine


My experience in the DITR Leadership and Film boot camp was awesome and very beneficial for me. The program taught me how to be more...