Jhanarie Rhambo

2016 DITR Thrill of Victory Award


Attending Diamond in the RAW film school was by far the most rewarding program I have participated in. Before the program I thought I had my plans for life set in stone, I knew I would become a actress. However throughout the program we attended field trips at success entertainment studios and post-production studios such as, Fox and Sony Pictures. By attending the field trips I knew I no longer wanted to be in front of the camera but behind the camera. Last week I was invited to a Film Summit and had the opportunity to meet famous directors, producers, agents, managers and an inspirational actor named Tyrese Gibson. It was there at 2016 Academy Summit only two weeks ago I discover what I wanted to become. After hearing the agents speak I knew that’s what I wanted to become. Although I love acting I want to work with actors and actresses who can act as mentors for teen girls like myself.

During Diamond in the Raw Summer Film school we had guest speakers every Monday. There are three specific guest speakers who I still have contact with whose words have inspired me. Kareema who works at Will Smith’s production company gave us a tour of his production studio and office. I even touched and held his Oscar award. I also met a phenomenal woman, Asoniti, who owns a production studio named Set to Blow. To this day, I still talk to her and she offered me a place on a mandatory acting list for the show Black-ish. Lastly, I met William who is an accountant for UCLA and is setting me up with UCLA’s undergraduate admissions.

Overall the Diamond in the RAW Foundation has given myself, as well as my SISTER DIAMOND’S various opportunities. For that I would like to give a special thanks to Ceret, Valerie, Ms. Vanness and most importantly Ms. Baker for changing my life.

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