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India Welch

2016 DITR Teen Choice Awards


Diamond in the RAW truly was inspiring, emotional and motivating experience. They encourage us to really explore and familiarize ourselves with career opportunities behind the scenes. My generation consistently thinks all the money is in front of that camera when there’s way more behind it.

When I was 10, I’ve always wanted to just act, my dad side of the family is filled with actors, which all I knew how to do was be in front of the camera. But Diamond in the RAW really opened my eyes to so much more. LaFaye, Ceret, Valerie, Ms. Stephanie, and Quinton did a great job at mentoring, being more than a friend to us and by making themselves available whenever in need. The workshops improved our life skills and gave us the skills that will lead us on the correct path. Without programs like this, girls in the industry would be hopeless.

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